After a hard work of redesign and documentation, the 1.0 version of Fuzzy Logic Tools (FLT) has been released.

FLT is a C++ framework for storage, analysis and design of fully general multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy control systems, without constraints in the order of either the inputs or the output vectors. This software is based on work done in the PhD of Antonio Javier Barragán Piña, but has been expanded new methods developed as a result of the investigation of Control and Robotics Group from the Universuty of Huelva. Also, the code has been documented and some errors have been corrected.

FLT has been written in C++, and is free to GPLv3.

Official FLT page on Sourceforge.

Online documentation (HTML).

Fuzzy Logic Tools Reference Manual (PDF).