Bioengineering Group belongs to the Spanish Committe of Automation (CEA), and is a workgroup which goal consists of putting all efforts from different Spanish centers and groups together in order to focus their research and development at the Bioengineering area.




Among all the most accepted definitions of Bioengineering we may mention the one proposed in 1972 by the Committe of the Engineer's Joint Council from the United States:

"Bioengineering is the implementation of all the knowledge from the Engineering and Medical Science together, so such knowledge may be completely exploited for the human being benefit."

In this context, Bioengineering is the area focused on the design of solutions which trend to a perfect working of the human organism through the technical, biomedical and health sciences, and are assisted by the incoming advances of the technological resources.

Multidisciplinary focus of the area includes aspects like the capture and processing of biological signals, the process and analysis of the information and actuation over the organism itself through implanted or external devices, with the final goal of human health and wealth. Oll af this considering ethics and moral that rules the careness and improvement on the life quality of the people.





Name Position E-Mail
Ramón Ceres Ruiz Coordinator
Javier Pérez Turiel Substitute Coordinator
Enrique Bauzano Núñez Webmaster



Areas of Interest


The areas where the group members are working or are interested in, can be basically gathered into the following ones:

  • Biomatherials
  • Biomechanics and Support Technologies
  • Model, Simulation and Control
  • Signal Processing
  • Image Capture and Processing
  • Robotics and Vision
  • Sensors, Actuators and Electronic Instrumentation
  • Telemedicine