Este año, dentro del IbPRIA 2013:

IbPRIA 2013 - 6th Iberian Conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis

Madeira, Portugal

June 5-7, 2013

El grupo de Visión de CEA organiza un workshop sobre la visión por computador aplicada a la robótica y la automatización.

Os animamos a que participéis enviando vuestros trabajos antes del 19 de noviembre.

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Workshop on Computer Vision for Robotics and Automation. 

Computer Vision has developed significantly over the past few years and its importance for Robotics and Automation has increased significantly. Vision algorithms have a remarkable application impact due to many practical applications in a diverse variety of sub-disciplines, such as surveillance, navigation, and virtual environments, etc. This workshop will provide a  dialog between the vision and robotics communities and will contribute to the progress in both disciplines, as it intends to highlight new approaches by bringing together computer vision and robotics researchers. Therefore it will provide an excellent environment for interdisciplinary interaction as well as for networking of students and scientists in automation, computer vision, robotic vision, robotics, image understanding and pattern recognition. 

The topics covered in the workshop may include, but are not limited to, recent advances and challenges in:

Cognitive vision systems for robots

Computer vision in robotics

Image-Guided Robot Interventions

Learning from Sensor/Visual Data

Multi-Robot Systems with Vision Sensors

Object and action recognition.

Range Imaging -- RGB-D

Real-time Sensing and Control

Robot Visual Tracking

Software Tools for Robot Vision


Vision for Aerial Robotics

Vision for Underwater Robotics

Vision-Based Navigation

Visual Servoing and Servo Control

Visual SLAM and Structure-and-Motion